LaserSETI Facebook Live tomorrow!

Jun 5, 2018

Hello, fellow LaserSETI enthusiasts!

While I’m certain you were hoping this was yet another GDPR email, the actual reason is that it’d been a while since our last update! 

To cure your double-whammy blues, the SETI Institute’s very own Senior Astronomer, Franck Marchis, will do a live interview with LaserSETI project scientist, Eliot Gillum–tomorrow!

So tune in Wednesday, June 6th at 2pm, to hear the latest on construction status, site selection, and schedule going forward.  As always, just go to the SETI Institute page on Facebook to join in on the discussion!

For a bit of fun, and as proof that all the wonderful supporters of LaserSETI are always on our mind, here’s Jill Tarter with Eliot Gillum showing off their delicious pie for Pi Day!

We’re expecting big news in the next few months that you won’t want to miss, so stay with us and keep looking up!