LaserSETI installed!

August 21, 2019

This is the update we’ve been working all this time to send and you’ve been waiting for: LaserSETI is installed and pointed at the sky!  As a result, we’re mostly going to let the pictures do the talking in this update.

A panorama gives the best overview of the installation on the Ferguson Observatory roof.

But this more zoomed-in view shows the instruments better.

And here you can see the northwest-facing unit basking in the sun and gorgeous Sonoma scenery.

A closeup of the rear of the instruments shows the GPS, power and networking ingress, and heat exhaust “tailpipes.”

A bit more artistic than scientific, this shot highlights the transmission grating at the front of the “optical train” with the Sun reflecting many times off the various internal surfaces.

Perhaps most importantly, here’s some of the incredible Ferguson team taking a quick break from their hard work to pose for the camera!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing LaserSETI set up as much as we have! 

As with any new telescope or observatory, all the engineering must be tested and qualified before we can start doing science.  We expect the next update to discuss any issues encountered and hopefully include our first “science-ready” images!